The Credit Union difference really pays.

Whether you're looking for higher rates, fewer fees, or a safe place to keep your money, Sb1 CU has an account for you. We are a Philadelphia-based CU dedicated to exceeding our members' needs.

Earn more

The average bank savings account earns less than a third of what we pay out. The big difference is possible because of the Credit Union difference that makes Sb1 so special. While other institutions need to cut back on dividends paid out to customers to maintain profit margins for stockholders, Sb1's shareholders are our members, so the interests are aligned, empowering Sb1's Management and Board of Directors to keep rates as high as possible for you, the member.

Pay less

Another way for banks and other types of financial institutions to maintain or increase their profit margins is to generate more fee income (by charging their customers more and more fees.) This results in larger sources of revenue for the institution that it can use to make payments out to stockholders.

Sb1 is different. Since our members are the Credit Union's only shareholders, we don't have this problem. We can afford to limit our fees to only those that are truly a necessity for the continued operation of your Phildelphia-based Credit Union. Another reason to use Sb1 FCU.

A safe choice

Sb1 takes extra precautions with your money. We go above and beyond the normal amount of insurance that is provided on all accounts to provide members with Jumbo Share Certificates $99,000 additional coverage (Excess Share Insurance). This secures Sb1's position as one of the safest institutions in the country for you to save your money.

A full range of accounts to meet your needs

Through the years we have developed a full line of Accounts to meet all your savings, checking and short-term investment needs.

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