QuickCA$H Line-of-Credit

With an Sb1 Federal Credit Union QuickCA$H Line-of-Credit, getting the extra cash you need has never been easier! A QuickCA$H Line-of-Credit offers you the flexibility you need with affordable repayment terms you want.

What is a QuickCA$H Line-of-Credit?

A QuickCA$H Line-of-Credit is a flexible, revolving credit line that lets you request a cash advance whenever you need one.

Can be used for Overdraft Protection

Save yourself the embarrassment of bounced checks. If a check overdraws your Checking Account, we will automatically advance the funds available from your QuickCA$H Line-of-Credit.

Easy Access to Cash

With an open-end credit line of $500 to $25,000, you always have access to cash 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Just transfer funds from your QuickCA$H Line-of-Credit to your Checking or Savings Account for immediate withdrawal using your VISA Check Card at any of our 32,000 nationwide surcharge-free ATMs.

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Unsecured Loans4

Product APR1 Maximum term
Personal Loan As low as 8.99%2 60 months
Student Loans (Student Choice) As low as 6.25%3  
Share Secured Share Rate +3% 120 months
Certificate Secured Certificate Rate +3% 120 months
QuickCA$H Line-of-Credit 12.25%  
VISA Platinum Card 11.88% fixed  
VISA Gold Card 12.96% fixed  
VISA Classic Card 14.88% fixed  
VISA Secured Card 17.90% fixed ($25 Annual Fee)  
1APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
2Members who want to refinance existing loans must borrow an additional $2500 in new money to qualify for current posted rate.
3Prime market index plus a margin. As of July 1, 2011, the Prime index rate used will be 3.25% through September 30th. The margin rate currently ranges between 3.00% and 5.00% depending on the borrower/co-borrower's credit score at the time of application. The 'floor' rate for the loan will be 6.00%, meaning that your interest rate will never fall below this 'floor' rate.
4Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.